I am the Barista behind Scrappucinno. Although, the closest I’ve ever come to actually making a latte or a mocha is sneaking a packet of hot chocolate into my morning coffee!

Scrapbooking has become my passion—or obsession, if I am to be truly honest. It all started innocently enough. In the spring of 2003, a group of us decided to take a scrapbooking class at our local craft store and the rest is history. Piles and piles of cute printed paper history!

Since my early days in this sport (yes, I called it a sport—I am petitioning the Olympic committee as we speak), I have found that I enjoy making gifts and small projects almost as much as the traditional 12” x 12” two-page layouts. It is my creative outlet and a really good excuse to build the PERFECT craft room.

All kidding aside, I love what I do and I believe I am good at it. I am a perfectionist and I commit to you that I will take loving care of your pictures just as I do with my own.

And everything on the menu is To Go...with no one asking you if you want fries with that!


Serving up your warmest memories to go.

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I live in California and, while I don’t live on the coast,  the Pacific is close enough to serve as the perfect weekend getaway!