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Bling bling

· Includes acrylic book, printed papers, cardstocks, embellishments, jewels, stamping, ribbon and adhesives

· Very elegant—perfect for weddings, proms, formal events or anything “pretty”

· Captures one entire subject (wedding, baby, birthday party, girls’ night out, sports season, school year, holiday) in one place

· Easy to share with all your friends and family and beautiful enough to display in any part of your home!

This very special book is a winner. The images all work together in so many ways throughout the acrylic. Being able to see all the way through the book from front to back provides such great opportunities to create something really beautiful.


Perfect for weddings, proms or those darling dance recitals, one of these acrylic books will be sure to please anyone who receives it. And make no mistake, the Bling Bling is included.


You can either send printed photos or email digital photos for me to print. Provide me with the details of the event, vacation, party or person and I will also journal your book for you. I handwrite all my own journaling and have practiced many different typestyles.


If you prefer to attach your own photos, simply provide me with a theme and I will create a special keepsake complete with matted areas for your pictures as well as  journaling spaces for you to “write the story”.


Satisfaction is always guaranteed and I encourage you to keep in contact during the process until you have received your finished product. And then I encourage you to show your friends!

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Price: $30.00

SKU/Item Number: 060ACR

Clear acrylic scrapbook

· Approximately 6” x 6” w/10 pages– wallet size photos preferred

· Mail your printed photos or email your digital photos

· May also choose a theme instead and attach your photos yourself

Product Summary

This was an acrylic book I made for a birthday gift for a friend. These pictures are of her daughter and it’s a personalized treasure for them both. These acrylic books are so beautiful and feminine. The stamped scrolling and the illusion created by being able to see all the way through the book makes them seem extra special. I always include jeweled embellishments with these books—hence the name, Bling Bling!